Who is Nathan Trowsdale?

Who am I? I'm Nathan Trowsdale, born and raised from Peterborough, ON. The question I find I get a lot is "why did you start photography?" Or "what made you decide to pursue this kind of career". To answer those questions, I think about how it's changed my life. I'm the type of person who is so particular on how things turn out that it doesn't matter how long it takes until that I nail that perfect shot, I'm going to get it one way or another! I focus on improving and being the best I can. I am a perfectionist but there are pros and cons to that. I use it to my advantage because I strive to make sure those shots are on point and in focus so that it meets the clients expectations and are ecstatic. Their reaction on what I capture, is what I thrive on. I mainly focus on wedding, portraits and family shoots. I've started to explore other options like maternity and newborns, but I have to admit, it is not something I do a lot. Ask me to capture your wedding and you won't be disappointed!